U-Pick Orchard servicing Lincoln community.

Over 20 varieties of locally grown apples, cherries and pears.

The Orchard


Over 20 different varieties of apples available!


Our sour cherries are sweet enough to eat but also perfect for baking.


A little sweet, a little tart.  These berries from up north are great eating fresh or made into jams and desserts.

Asian Pears

Crisp, sweet and juicy.  You’ll love these pears.


Huge and juicy.  You’ll love these blackberries.

U-Pick Apples

We offer u-pick apples starting in August through the end of October.  Check back for availability.

Visit our Facebook page for updated information on u-pick dates, times and availability.  https://www.facebook.com/picnichillorchard

  • Kid Pick $5

    1/4 peck bag, about 8-10 medium size apples.

  • Small Pick $10

    1/2 peck bag, about 15-18 medium size apples.

  • Medium Pick $15

    1 peck bag, about 30-36 medium size apples.

  • Large Pick $30

    1/2 bushel bag, about 54-66 medium size apples.

  • Family Pick $20

    1/2 peck bag, plus kid pick for up to four kids.


  • Pristine Early August
  • Honeycrisp August - September
  • CrimsonCrisp® September
  • Jonafree Mid September
  • Fuji September - October
  • Cortland September
  • Golden Delicious Late September
  • Enterprise Early October
  • Albemarle Pippin October
  • Baldwin October
  • Nova Spy October
  • Ludacrisp® Mid October
  • EverCrisp® October
  • Little Jewel October
  • Arkansas Black Late October
  • Granny Smith Late October
  • GoldRush Late October
  • Pink Lady Late October


Do I have to pick the fruit?

Apples are available for u-pick or available as already picked at apple barn.

Can i purchase fruit online?

Yes!  Visit our online store to purchase in season fruit for pickup or delivery. 

Does it cost to visit the orchard?

Visiting the orchard is free.  Pick as much fruit as you want and only pay for what you take home.

When do your fruits ripen?

Honeyberries and cherries ripen in the early summer while apples and blackberries ripen late summer into fall.  

Do you sell cider apples?

Yes, we have several varieties for cider.  Click here to see all of the apple varieties that we offer.

How much does your fruit cost?

All fruit is priced by the bag.  Buy a bag and fill it as full as you can!

Are pets allowed at the orchard?

We love pets, but unfortunately for they are not allowed at the orchard.


Can I take pictures at the orchard?

Yes, feel free to take as many pictures while at the Orchard.  If you are a professional photographer, we charge a $50 session fee and required that you register prior to your session.

What People Say?

"Yeah, I eat the whole apple. The core, stem, seeds, everything."
Kosmo Kramer
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."
Benjamin Franklin
Founding Father
"Well that was apple-picking day. There was no need to yell that day. You know I was just excited to find the car. Perfect end to a perfect day."
Jim Halpert

How to find us


10500 Yankee Hill Rd
Lincoln, NE 68526

Our Hours

Check our Facebook page for updated hours.


Phone : (402) 417-0734
Email: info@picnichillorchard.com

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